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Bronze Amani Side Table

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24"DIA + 24"H




The Bronze Amani Side Table is a refined and elevated addition to our marble side table collection. The earthy tones and unique, varied veining of the Bronze Amani marble top create a subtle yet striking contrast against the matte black steel base, showcasing the natural beauty of the material. The table's design celebrates the distinctive characteristics of the marble, while maintaining an understated refinement.

Fissures, small cracks, areas of cloudiness and other organic characteristics occur naturally within marble.  Organic characteristics are to be expected. The veins are unique to each piece, orientation, color and pattern of veining cannot be customized.  General signs of wear, exposure to elements, or organic characteristics in the marble are not considered craftsmanship errors.  

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California by a small and dedicated team, the Bronze Amani Side Table is made to order to ensure that every piece we build meets the unique needs and preferences of the customer.



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