On a woodland hillside, home to local birds and mammals, Jason Fahlman developed a fascination for the variety of tree species and their relationship with other creatures; a connection he would later recognize not just as one with other animals but with man too. He developed a talent working with his hands in his early teenage years, one that later grew into an intuitive artistry. Woodworking embraced a deep and singular value; the significance of time spent. Wood as a material “provides a sense of warmth and place,” Fahlman says. Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism and functionality, Jason sought to build furniture that outlives fleeting fashion trends. He draws inspiration from world travel and culture; giving him ideas for how wood materials can be implemented. He perceives the pleasure of making and using hardwood furniture as that which “connects man to his roots; tools, fire and trees.” Fahlman conveys this bond as what “makes a piece timeless.” Furniture should be unique and tactile, “pieces that look better with age and quality you can touch and feel.” He gravitates to blends of modern and classic design that can work in any room.


Luxury hardwood seating for any space. With silky smooth back and seat rests that sculpt to the human form, supporting comfort and posture.

People gather around furniture pieces like tables and chairs. The quality of these items holds importance.

- Jason Fahlman

The Fahlman Chairs are on display at our Los Angeles showroom. Contact our Design Consultants to learn more or to schedule an appointment.