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Hudson Platform Bed

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Q: 85"W + 105"D + 24"H
K: 101"W + 105"D + 24"H
CK: 97"W + 109"D + 24"H





This bed is handmade locally in Los Angeles, California.  The bed is comprised of four large pieces, intended to imitate the scale and presence of large stacks of natural lumber. Each substrate is finished with Reclaimed Douglas Fir, salvaged from architecture local to us here in SoCal. The rough reclaimed surface of the material is removed to reveal a beautiful old growth grain hiding below. The wood is then carefully placed on the beams in a patchwork pattern, creating the illusion that each component is a collection of intricately organized boards, sized to fit perfectly beside its neighbors.

The bed’s low profile counterbalances the rustic, reclaimed materials with a simplistic, modern design. The mattress sinks in to the frame, preserving the modern aesthetic and highlighting the headboard. The wide beam sideboards create excess surface area for bedside items, allowing you to forgo traditional nightstands and limit the clutter in your space. 

Reclaimed wood has a wide range of color and texture due to weathering. The wood is up cycled from various sources so no two pieces are alike. As a result, cracks, nail holes and uneven surface textures are to be expected. 

Care + Maintenance