Here at Croft House, we love the opportunity to build furniture for commercial spaces.  Collaborating with interior designers and business owners to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces is a fun and exciting part of what we do, and lucky for us we've had the opportunity to do quite a bit of it.  This includes manufacturing a wide variety of furniture and fixtures, ranging from from 2 top restaurant tables to custom retail wall display units.  Just recently, we had the pleasure of working with an interior designer to create two custom pieces for Swell Online Surf Shop.  

We were tasked with the conference room table top and a panel for the reception desk.  Their client wanted light colored, weathered wood in the space.  Our reclaimed oak was an easy choice to fit their vision. 

A butcher block top was the inspiration for the conference room table. So that's where the design started.

The table spanned 120” long and 48” wide.  Due to the large size the table could not be solid, as butcher block tops traditionally are.  The solution was to mimic the butcher block pattern with thinner reclaimed oak strips mounted on a solid substrate, similar to our Mossam Table.  The oak was then topped with a clear wax finish.  The interior designer supplied their own square hollow metal bases with a hinged panel to access wiring.  Wire management troughs were attached to the underside of the table and a grommet hole was cut out of the center to house a data port.

Reclaimed oak was also used for the reception desk’s accent panel.  The panel was composed of 3-6 inch wide reclaimed oak boards.  The wood was sanded smooth but left raw for a more natural look.  To offset the rustic reclaimed wood, the panel was paired with a crisp, white, two level desk from another source. 

The Swell Online Surf Shop is one of many commercial spaces that have a touch of Croft House.  Check out more of our restaurant, office and retail pieces in the Commercial tab on our website and check out our commercial design process here.  Stay tuned to the blog for future commercial work like this!

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