Sustainable Designs, Handmade in LA 

Furniture Design Process

How it Works!

We offer full service design solutions for both commercial and residential projects that reach beyond just a piece of furniture.  From Corporate Headquarters and Hotels to Retail Stores and Estates.  The process is very much the same...

Submission vs Site Visit

For local jobs, we are more than happy to come out to measure and conceptualize spaces. We are also just as capable of designing a space via phone calls and pictures.  Our expert designers are able to provide all the help you need with your project from the spark of the idea to samples to 3D drawings to delivery and setup support all from our headquarters in Los Angeles.


This is a submission from a retail store in Bermuda that need a POS Station and Rolling Racks for Clothing...

The Design

Here is a sample of CAD Drawings rendered from the customers layout and request.

The Product

After drawings and samples are approved, you get this...


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