Modern Sectional Sofas? Yes please.

We finally feel like we're starting to come into our own a little bit with some of our sofas!  Check out these two custom pieces we recently did for some of our favorite(and most trusting!) patrons.  

The first one is heading to an office space off of La Cienega. We took pieces of our Clap Your Hands Chair and our Daybed to build a beautiful leather sectional.  The burlap backing helps to bring the piece back into our industrial, rustic comfort zone.  This is actually the first sofa that we've done in leather.  We've used it a few times for beds and chairs, but hadn't had the opportunity to take the plunge with sofas until this little beauty. 



Our second piece we've just sent out is a little closer to our actual Daybed.  This piece has an aluminum frame, for a little extra sheen, combined with stark white upholstery and our planed reclaimed hardwoods.  As you can see, the white creates a sleeker feel to this piece than its leather cousin above. 



What do you think??  This is just the start for us!  We're planning to incorporate these elements into a new design for the line and the showroom in the next few weeks.  And!  In order to do so, we're selling our standard sectional from the showroom!  This piece is good for both indoor and outdoor use.  Sunbrella fabric and the very last of our exotic java wood(reclaimed from old dunnage.)  



Marked down to $2500!!  Email for more info on this piece or a custom quote!