A Cleaner Couch - The Cure For Your Sofa Woes


Does a houseguest with food headed toward the living room make you bust out a slow motion ‚ÄúNooooooooooooooooo‚ÄĚ?¬†

Fear no more. Our Sierra Sofa actually makes your house cleaner. Here are four reasons why -  


Classic, Straightforward Design - 

The phrase "clean lines" gets thrown around a lot. From cars to website design, those two words get a variety of uses.  The presence of the word clean within the phrase is a frightening prospect to me.  Are people peddling messy lines? Soiled Lines? Barf. I'll take clean lines, please.


-Clean Lines, Mid-Century Shape

A quick google search for a definition of clean lines yields vague explanations of the meaning.  For me, it's hard to explain, but I know what it is when I see it.  At face value, as it relates to furniture, I would say it means simple, easily drawn dimensions void of elaborate details, curves, and textures.  These qualities would be considered clean because they are easily organized and understood by one's eye.  In choosing a sofa with clean lines you are effectively making your room appear cleaner by eliminating unnecessary details which add to visual clutter.

This is one major appeal of mid-century modern furniture. We have taken a mid-century shape and modernized it by increasing the depth of the seat, ultimately making a super comfy sofa with clean, modern lines. 

- Deeper Seat for Comfort


Wood Detailed Frame - 

The wood detail on our Sierra Sofa offers a few benefits apart from looking elegant.  Chances are you have a few pieces of wooden furniture in your home, probably even in the same room as your sofa.  By choosing a wood that matches or compliments these pieces, you will help tie the room together by creating a repeating material, texture, or color. 

This cohesion is going to make your room look much cleaner without ever picking up a broom.


-Notice the Walnut Cabinet Against the Wall?

The arm of a standard sofa usually wears out quicker than the rest of the piece, causing it to look old and gross much sooner than other parts of the sofa. Trust me, that this can be a heartbreaking experience. 

This issue arises because the fabric is tightly stretched in opposing directions over the wooden frame, which puts more tension on the fabric here than in other areas.  This causes the material to breakdown more rapidly (think of the toe portion of a sock.)  By covering this area with a beautiful wood (like walnut!) you completely eliminate the problem.


-Walnut Arm Trim Keeps Edges Clean

High Tech Tweed Fabric - 

Tweed carries with it a subtle refinement. Its place is well established in modern furniture as well. But, one of the best features of tweed is its ability to naturally thwart dirt and stains. The material achieves this wonder by combining multicolored threads of wool in a twilled pattern.

It was originally used for hunting and fishing garments in cold and wet Scotland, so you can imagine why this was an important aspect of the design. 

Take the intrinsic dirt and stain fighting ability and combine it with high tech upholstery yarns and what you get is one durable sofa. It always looks clean if it never gets dirty in the first place!

Cushion Construction - 

Lets dive a little deeper, specifically into the cushions. While some people prefer down filled sofa cushions(I include myself in this camp, and any of our sofas can be ordered with down as a standard option), everyone can agree that they can become messy if not fluffed properly. 

This is why we gave our Sierra Sofa a wedge shaped, solid foam back cushion. It never need to be fluffed, and thus is always looking neat!


I hate it when one seat cushion slides further out than the other.  I'm sure you do too.

Well, we discovered, this can’t happen if the sofa has only one long cushion!  To make upkeep even easier, we seamed the fabric in an organized pattern to eliminate the wrinkles that occur after you have been relaxing in the sofa for a long time. 

A sofa that never needs to be fluffed, flipped, or f****d with is going to shave valuable seconds off of the fire drill that is cleaning a messy home when you find guests are unexpectedly dropping by!

Okay, so this sofa might not actually physically clean your place  - but I promise you, take these ideas into consideration and you will see just how our Sierra Sofa can result in a cleaner home.


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