New Design - The Bronson Sofa

One of our new designs has been drawing a lot of eyes over the past month, so we decided it's time to feature our latest addition to our sofa collection

Originally we created the Bronson Sofa as a part of a large project for a client south of Los Angeles. We had been crafting the different design elements in our heads for some time before the opportunity finally arrived to bring the piece to life. When we presented the idea to our client they loved the concept so much they commissioned us to build a sectional for them sight unseen. 

Upon completion of the piece(which they love!) we realized we had created something we've long aspired for- a truly Croft House sofa. At Croft, we pride ourselves on straight forward form and function, while presenting both in an original light. But, of course, with Sofas comfort trumps all other factors. 

So that's where we started, we made sure our base shape was comfortable and modern. This sofa has different proportions than our other designs. It's deeper and shorter, which allows you the option to sit in a more lounged and relaxed fashion. We liked the idea of adding a thin, industrial steel base to the piece to keep the look clean. We also wanted to provide a more original solution for the back pillows. We had envisioned oversized throws, but knew that could require constant fluffing and rearranging. Thus came the idea of the steel bar in the back. It holds the cushion firmly in place, while also becoming an interesting, "Croft House" detail to the back side of the Sofa. The leather strap added another texture to the piece, and helped to blend the steel and upholstery while simultaneously adding a pop of color. 

This final detail adds a bit of versatility to the piece. The combination of upholstery, steel, and leather meld together allowing the sofa to acclimate to any aesthetic by providing multiple textures and tones to join a room into one cohesive space. For sofas not placed against the wall, the interest points on the back break up the large fabric surface. On top of that, the design is modular, allowing for plenty of easy-to-arrange variations. 

The array of features on this piece helped us to create a Croft House Sofa we're extremely proud of: an original, functional design, with all the comforts of your and our dream sofa. We've already had the opportunity to show a handful of clients exactly that! We've already started to expand the fabric choices for the Bronson Sofa, let us know what tone will allow it work best for you and your space!


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What fabric is used for the blue variation of the sofa? Is it available for purchase locally? Thank you!!


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