Custom Furniture: A Crosscut Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge tables have had a place in the Croft House line for almost five years.  We have been commissioned to build dozens of beautiful tables using several different species including Walnut, Redwood, Maple, Cottonwood and Parota. Recently, we had a request for a custom, round live edge coffee table and I could not have been more excited.  Traditionally the live edge slabs we work with are (roughly)rectangular, so searching for a round slab was a fun change of pace.

Our customer did not have a preference in wood species and had the space for a decent size top. From the start I already had the perfect slab in mind.  We source our live edge slabs from multiple lumber yards and for almost a year I had my eye on a beautiful crosscut of Angelim Pedra.  This particular slab is a massive piece of lumber. The overall dimensions are 62”L x 51”W x 5” thick and weighs upwards of 200 pounds. I shared it with our client, who immediately fell in love.  

Angelim Pedra is an exotic wood that primarily grows in the Brazilian Amazon and Guiana. The wood has striking, rich warm tones and a distinctive interlocking grain.  The coarse texture and density make it great for outdoor decking, furniture that will be exposed to the elements, and even heavy construction.  Angelim Pedra trees can grow up to 10 feet in diameter and anywhere from 50-120 feet tall

The irregularities in the wood gave the slab a great deal of character, so we decided the imperfections should to be featured. The original chosen finish was teak oil but that just wasn't enough. 


A flat black finish was used to fill the holes, chunks and voids in the slab. To mark the 5” thickness, the sides of the slab were finished black as well.  The coffee table top was then completed with a few coats of teak oil.


The Angelim Pedra top was so stunning that we decided to keep the base simple and pair it with similar, industrial steel hairpin legs to our Mossam Table.  The raw metal legs complimented the top's rusted orange and matte black coloring and allowed the slab to be the focal point of the piece, and the piece to be the statement piece of the room. 


All live edge pieces are one of a kind, but this coffee table is truly special.  This custom live edge coffee table will be a conversation starter for years to come.