New Design - The Arden Dresser

Approximately six months ago we added a new piece to our line, the Arden Bed. We were interested in designing a piece that would properly highlight the subtle beauty of our salvaged oak barn wood when we planed the material down to a clean surface. The Arden Bed was so successful at accomplishing this that we decided to take another crack at the Arden Collection with the Arden Dresser

To accentuate the warm elements of the reclaimed oak we placed a steel casing around the body of the piece, similar to our Chambers Dresser. We employed the same custom stain from the Arden Bed, and decided that the legs of the dresser should be matte black to correspond with the bed's frame. 

Since the dresser had such a solid body, we decided to keep the legs sleek and thin. Five pieces of industrial round steel worked perfectly.

With the dresser nearing completion, we went ahead and added two final details to complete the look. First, we routed a thin line through the center of each drawer face. This helped to break up the body and address our concerns about how heavy it appeared. Second, we chose thin brass handles for each drawer face, to give the piece a distinctively more polished touch.

And just like that, the Arden Dresser was born! Come in to 326 N. La Brea Ave. to check it out in person, or click here!

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