Custom Furniture: A Mid-Century Sofa


Creating a custom piece of furniture with a customer is a fulfilling experience, so naturally we were excited when our client approached us.  Our client had been searching for a sofa but couldn’t seem to find the perfect piece to complete his space.  We were more than happy to design and custom build his dream sofa but there was more work to do!

Understanding a customer’s design aesthetic is a fundamental step in the conceptual phase of any design.  We asked him to provide images of his space and some inspirational pictures to help explain his personal style.  Our customer had envisioned a mid-century modern inspired sofa with clean, modern lines.  Once the concept of the sofa design was established it was time to test out the sofas we have in our showroom to decide on fill.   Our Hayworth Sofa has plush 100% down-filled back cushions and functional foam inserts in the seat cushions. Our client loved the comfort and feel of this combination of materials so we decided to incorporate this into his sofa.  Once we had decided on the fill it was time to discuss upholstery! We chose a textile from Robert Allen’s Home Collection that would provide the durability and texture desired.  The boucle yarns in navy, charcoal and pewter give the fabric a texture that is rugged yet still soft to the touch. 

Finally it was time to discuss the sofa frame.  After rounds of sketches with Mark we were able to finalize a design. 




The solid hardwood frame we chose spans both the length and width of the sofa and continues up the back to provide support and visual interest. The frame is finished off with tapered oak legs.  A clear finish was applied to show off as much of the beautiful, natural wood grain as possible (and it popped next to the fabric!)

Once all technical drawings were completed it was time to send the project over to our workshop, located here in downtown Los Angeles.  Production time took about six weeks, but it was well worth the wait to turn our client’s vision from a series of sketches into the focal point of his living room.

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