New Design - The Rivera Sofa

It's a new month and a new season! The holidays are around the corner and relatives are coming along with them. It's time to start getting your home ready for all those loved ones. What better way to do it than a handsome new Croft House sofa design?
Introducing the Rivera Sofa. Inspired by a combination of mid-century aesthetics and our, the Rivera Sofa is a sleek representation of modern and classical design. 
The frame and overall footprint of the sofa are inspired by our Bronson Sofa.  It possesses the same low, deep seat that has been so popular with our customers. It allows you to relax and sit comfortably - a natural "lounge" feel. Unlike the Bronson Sofa, the Rivera Sofa has a down fill in its seats, helping you to sink that much further in!
We added a walnut base to go along with the leather and steel details. All of the elements combine beautifully, while simultaneously providing the design elements to allow the piece to acclimate to almost any space.
Check it out on our website Here or in person this weekend at 326 N. La Brea Ave.!
November 04, 2015 by Alex Segal

Custom Design - A Mossam Style Desk

At Croft House we love to make simple adjustments to our standard pieces in order to help our clients. Since we make each piece to order in downtown Los Angeles we're afforded the luxury of customizing any piece to fit our clients' specific needs and space. 

One such opportunity came up last month when a customer came in to the showroom on La Brea looking to build a desk.  They had been searching for quite a while, but couldn't find a desk that fit their specific dimensions. Knowing this to be an easy problem for us to solve, we started to work together to address their other needs. 

Instead of limiting themselves to the desks we had to offer, the couple opened their search up to our dining tables, knowing that they could convert any piece in to the desk they wanted.  They love the design of our Mossam Dining Table, but knew the uneven surface created by the thin, rough strips would not be conducive to the workspace. We addressed this problem by offering to plane the strips, similar to our Arden Collection. This brightened the tone of the table, while maintaining its varied appearance. Most importantly it gave our clients a perfectly smooth surface.

Since the customization had already started, we decided to take some liberties and alter the legs a little. Since there was no need to stick anyone on the end of the desk, like would be necessitated by a Dining Table, we had a lot of flexibility. We decided to remain true-ish to the original design, and convert the Mossam Bench Legs in to desk legs. Everyone loved it!

We're so excited to have used these simple customizations to create the perfect piece for our client. We're also pretty excited to be able to offer it to anyone else who comes looking for a desk! Email us at or call at 323.424.7743 for more info!



September 30, 2015 by Alex Segal

New Design - The Arden Dining Table

Croft House began in a garage with one simple design - our Railcar Dining Table. The first of our tables, constructed with reclaimed wood and about as straightforward as we could make it. We wanted the salvaged lumber to be the star, but didn't want to create an excessively rustic piece. So we took two pieces of steel and bent them into a U for the table legs. The base wobbled a little when we pushed it so we added an X, and just like that the Railcar Dining Table was born. 

Dozens and dozens of tables later, we decided it was time to evolve the design. We wanted to take similar aspects of the table and create a more modern, less rustic alternative. Which is how the Arden Table was conceived of. 

We wanted to approach the base concept from the original table from a new perspective, as well as improve upon some of the common drawbacks to the original design.  

Creating a smoother table was our first goal, and to achieve this we decided to work with a Planed Oak. The issue with planing the rough texture out of a wood, is that it takes away some of our favorite characteristics that add such beauty to the table, a total catch-22. So, we added another sort of character to the table with our custom Arden Grey Stain to the top, as well as adding a few specialized details. 

We decided to add a point of interest by separating the two center boards, similar to all the boards on an outdoor piece. Large enough to notice but small enough not to be a hinderance.  The only drawback here was how to keep the top as joined in this design, since there is no apron around the base of the table. We settled on routing in a small piece of industrial steel to act as an oversized and visible biscuit. It came out better than we even imagined! 

After we moved on the top, we took on the task of updating our classic U-Shaped Railcar Legs.  As I mentioned above, the steel X was a functional addition after the prototype was constructed.  To avoid that with the new design, we used a tapered steel tube as the uprights. The steel tube has more rigidity than the solid, and therefore helps to alleviate the shake. For good measure, we placed the legs at an angle and finished them with a beautiful matte black coat.

And there we have it! Our newest piece - The Arden Dining Table!  Come check it out in person at 326 N. La Brea Ave. LA CA 90036 or on here on website!  As always, customization is welcome!

September 23, 2015 by Alex Segal

Design Tips - What Furniture to Start With

With summer coming to a close it means it's time to get back to reality. Which means no more vacations and kids have to head back to school, unfortunately it doesn't seem to mean the end of the summer heat(at least here in LA!) 

But, there are positives here too. Fall foliage, the kids HAVE TO head back to school, and most importantly a chance to finally settle into your new space! Summer is one of the most common times of year to move, which means Fall is filled with plenty of home projects. Not the least of which is furnishing. But where to begin? Well, we'll tell you. 

Each room has its own purpose and features, and that means different furniture(duh.) Though it may seem obvious, it's not always simple to pick a starting piece when you're staring at a completely empty space. So let us help you solve your problem room by room.


Dining Room

A simple place to start. The dining room has an obvious purpose and therefore an obvious answer, the Table. You may love the antique chairs that Grandma Joan gave you, but don't let them limit your table options. Start by asking yourself, "how many people do I realistically want to sit at the table?" That will help you to narrow down the approximate size of the table and allow you to see what else you can fit into the space. Maybe there's space for a credenza! Don't let that distract you! Stick to the table, and find one that fits your dimensional requirements and aesthetic tastes. You may find that the only table you like doesn't allow you space for a credenza after all(not a problem you would have with a Croft House table thanks to our any piece any size system!) As every table needs a centerpiece, so does every dining room, and your table fills the need.



Now it starts to get interesting. Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe the bed is the first piece you need to find for your bedroom. Like the dining room, to determine the most pressing need you have to ask yourself a question. "Do you have enough built in storage?" Not every room has an adequately sized closet, and if it doesn't you may need to bring in a chest of drawers.  The space allotted for a chest of drawers could decide the difference between our Railcar Bed and our Havenhurst Bed. If you're not able to fit a chest of drawers, then it's time to move to the bed and decide if a piece like our Hudson Bed with built in storage is the way to go.


Living Room

The Living Room is the room that involves the most restraint. Though a coffee table may be the center piece in the space, the seating is of the upmost importance. The size and shape of a coffee table must be dictated by seating in the room, and the orientation of the seating is dictated by the shape of the room. A longer coffee table is best for a standard sofa, while a square or circle coffee table fits perfectly into a space that has seating facing more than one direction.


Though everyone uses their spaces different, the primary purposes remain. Make sure to start your room off in a way that allows you to fit all of the pieces together. It's always a process, but try and remember that is supposedly the fun part!



September 10, 2015 by Alex Segal

Refining a Classic- The Chambers Coffee Table

The Chambers Coffee Table has been a part of our product line for several years.  The combination of industrial steel and glass has made it a crowd favorite.  The two tiered glass shelves are great for storage and allow the coffee table to appear light on the ground.  Glass coffee tables are a fantastic solution if you have a unique rug or want to showcase the beautiful flooring below.

A designer recently visited the showroom with her clients on the hunt for the perfect coffee table.  They immediately gravitated towards the Chambers Coffee Table.  The size and shape fit their living room layout but they wanted to soften the look a bit. 

Inspired by the Granada Coffee Table, we decided to customize the piece and replace one of the glass shelves with Carrara marble.  The top shelf remained glass to showcase the marble underneath. The honed Carrara marble added a subtle touch of sophistication to our classic design.


As much as we love the standard Chambers Coffee Table, we enjoy when we get the opportunity to spice it up!  The glass shelves can be replaced with any materials here in our showroom.  Whether the material is diamond wire, marble, glass or even wood, the Chambers Coffee Table can make any living space special to you.


Leaning Mirrors - A Relaxed Modern Look

Architectural Lines -

A mirror can change a room unlike any other piece of furniture.  We have always been very proud of our line up of leaning mirrors and the way that they add a relaxed modern feel to a room.

 The scale of our mirrors is their most unique feature in my opinion.  The sheer size of our large leaning mirrors set them apart from others you will find in Los Angeles.  

I love the way we use slightly oversized mirrors with sleek minimal frames, its a very architectural look inspired by the large picture windows you find featured in some of California's most beautiful structures.

Here below are some examples of where these originated from - 

Above: Eames Home, Los Angeles California / Chambers Mirror

Above: Black and White Kitchen, Santa Barbara / Round Chambers Mirror

Above: Carmel, California / Rivera Mirror

Classic California Modern Shape  

Recently we added a large round hanging mirror to our collection - a very modern steel frame mirror simply named the Round Chambers Mirror.  It has a very timeless vibe to it, and I find the seamless circular steel frame to be very relaxing to just be around. I could not be happier with it. 

Above and Below: Round Chambers Mirror - $950

A large leaning mirror from Croft House is one of the easiest ways to add a dramatic architectural vibe to any space.  We keep our most popular mirrors in stock in our showroom, and are happy to design you a custom mirror as well.

August 11, 2015 by Riley Rea

The Commercial Design Process

As you may have seen on the blog over the past year, Croft House has contributed to many commercial spaces throughout Los Angeles and the rest of the country. You've probably been into a space with Croft House designs without even realizing it. In fact, if you've been in any of these spaces, then you've eaten at our table, or checked out at our point of sale station, or purchased something off of our shelving!
The business to business aspect of commercial and hospitality work is very important to us. Especially here in the Los Angeles and California, we love to build relationships with other parts of our community. 
We know that no two businesses are looking for the same thing, which is why we offer a variety of different styles, textures, materials and designs to anyone in need. Along with our flexibility in design, we offer a number of ways in which our customers can approach the process with us. Namely the four below!

Original Design - Partial

This is our most basic concept. Our client needs a few pieces from us and wants help designing those pieces to fit their space. We don't necessarily have to provide a complete build out, no job is too small or too large for our team. This simple process was how we went about thing with a restaurant in Miami, FL called Swine as well as our neighbor on La Brea in West Hollywood, Gant Rugger.

At Swine they needed simple two top and four top restaurant tables. They had bases but were interested in a natural looking reclaimed top. They were also looking to have a 21' long communal table created. All of which needed to be shipped to Miami. Luckily for them, tables are our go to. We mailed them a sample of each of our table tops, along with pricing based on style. They chose the materials that best fit their style and budget and we moved on to the communal table. Shipping a 21' table is no easy task, so Croft House came up with a simple solution to allow the table to be shipped in three sections and assembled on site. Our customer used the same table top material process to pick a salvaged wood species for the communal table and we were all set. About a month later the pieces shipped out and Swine opened up!

Gant Rugger's process was even simpler, as you'd expect with a retail space only a block and a half from ours. They had many racks and shelves already built, but needed a centerpiece table and bench set to provide a tiered display area. We brought them into the showroom and showed them different options. Once a material was decided, we custom picked a finish that would protect the apparel they were showcasing from the rough texture of the wood. We turned the table around ahead of time and held it in our shop for a few weeks while they finished out their build. Shortly there after they came to us for cabinet doors to cover the built POS station storage. We went over to the location to measure, only to find that the space was not even which could mean they'd have to opt for an expensive on site build. Instead, Croft put our minds to it and came up with a sliding door option that allowed for the imperfections of the desk. We finished it with the same wood as the display table and had it delivered in about a month.

Original Design - Full

 We're also capable of more than just a few pieces. If you have a rough idea of how you'd like to build out your space, but need help conceptualizing it, Croft House is happy to do so. We helped a few other La Brea neighbors in Bludsos, Modo Yoga, and Clover Juice in just that way.

At Bludsos, they liked the idea of having a combo of tables and benches, but were not sure how many they could fit or what they should look like. Croft went to the location and measured the space with the Bludsos team. We then took that information and built a 3D model for how we thought the space would look best. They loved the concept and we put it into action. We delivered and installed all the pieces just in time for their opening.

At Modo Yoga and Clover Juice, Croft was asked to come up with simple designs that would fit the space. We needed to create point of sale stations, reception desks, shelving, cabinetry, and even some common area furniture. We started this process with all the must haves, and measured on location for each. We pitched an aesthetic that we thought fit the space and designed our 3D rendering around it. The ideas were approved and we went into production. Since then, we've continued to build various pieces for Modo such as a storage based sofa sectional and bathroom storage. 

Client/Designer Design - Partial

We're also happy to create furniture and fixtures that are completely designed by our clients. Whether it be through like images of a piece, or completely custom drawings, we can convert anything into a completed piece. 

We did this recently for Swell Surf Shop's offices as well as Derby Curtis LLP's offices. Both spaces were created by Source Studio and both spaces utilized Croft House touches. Swell needed a portion of a reception desk as well as a conference table fixed with data ports. Source came to us with the design and dimensions for both and we happily brought them to life. The reception desk now has a Croft House face to accompany its modern body, and the rustic conference table we built was placed on a modern, white base commissioned elsewhere.

For Derby Curtis LLP, we were the ones to build the base of the conference table. We were commissioned to use modern, oiled walnut to create three bases for the large table. Two of the bases had a push release door to access the interior electrical that ran from the table. We gathered information about the table top so we could retrofit the bases for seamless attachment. On top of the tables bases(no pun intended) Source brought us a massive reception desk design. The piece was to be a combination of walnut and industrial steel, materials we are very comfortable combining. Behind the desk was to be a massive wall of walnut, which Croft milled and finished as well. 

Derby Curtis LLP loved the pieces so much they came back to us on their own for some of our standard shelving!

Client/Designer Design - Full

Lastly, we're capable of bringing all of your designs to life and building out an entire space. Though recently closed, the restaurant Fifty-Seven in downtown Los Angeles was a perfect example of this. We had previously done some original hospitality work for one of the owners(the Hudson + the Churchill) but  with this space they had hired a team. The team came to us with a huge combination of designs for the restaurant. Tables, Table Tops, Bases, Bars, Benches and then some. We quoted out the whole project for their team and won the bid. We built a prototype of each piece and worked their intricacies to perfection. We finished the project a number of weeks prior to the space being ready, and stored all of the pieces until our client could bring them in.

How to Start

These are just a few examples of our commercial process. We have a few more on the site divided into Restaurant, Retail and Office, and our constantly adding both new and old projects to our archive. If you're interested in becoming part of our community, it's simple to start. Just shoot us an email at, call 323.424.7743, or best of all come by our showroom at 326 N. La Brea Ave.

Whether it's just a few restaurant table tops, or a whole retail space worth of fixtures, down the street from us in La Brea, or all the way in Miami, there's little we can't build within a timeline and budget that works for your space and needs. Hope to hear from you soon!


Mid-Century Me: A Custom Midcentury Piece

It finally happened. I invested in my first Croft House piece of furniture! My boyfriend and I had been on the hunt for a piece that worked for both of us, a vintage mid-century modern cabinet for months. A lot of the pieces I came across had some wear and tear which I typically don't mind, but I really wanted this piece to be the focal point of my living area. Knowing the quality product our workshop produces, I decided I would have it built by our wonderful team in DTLA.

While working at Croft House it is always exciting to see custom pieces come to life from my sketches. Being on the opposite end of this process(the customer) was even more thrilling. I now know the anticipation our customers feel when they are waiting for their one of a kind design.

While Croft House style is a little bit of modem mixed with a dash of industrial it goes to show that we can build anything as long as it is within the materials we use. Inspired by our Rivera Credenza I designed my media cabinet and added some open shelving on the side for my electrical components. Adding the tapered legs is what gave this modern piece its mid century edge.

Getting my new piece of furniture was both a blessing and a curse. I now have an amazing media cabinet that my friends have complimented on (and in turn want to have their own made) but now, I cant stop! My bedroom furniture needs an upgrade, and the guest bedroom too…Maybe my cat needs a new platform bed? Opportunities are endless when you're designing your own piece of furniture.


Croft House loves working with interior designers to help create unique and special pieces for their commercial clients.  Often these pieces are completely custom and are the result of collaboration between the designer and a Croft House design associate.  Recently we had the opportunity to design a reception workspace for the law office, Derby Curtis LL, in downtown Los Angeles.

The challenge was to create an eye catching and multifunctional workspace.  The duel height desk needed to work for the attorney’s clients as well as front desk employees. 


The foot print of the desk was a large L-shape composed of three sections that would attach as one on site.  All desk sides had a waterfall leg to hide storage underneath.  Once the technical details were ironed out it was time to select materials. 

The designer sent over inspiration and concept images for the space.  The idea was to mix a new, sleek wood species with the raw industrial steel of our Chambers Dresser. We had recently been working with a lot of Walnut and thought that this was an excellent fit for this.  The rich, warm walnut tones compliment the steel perfectly.  The entire exterior casing of the desk was composed of several sheets of industrial steel with an inset panel of beautiful oiled walnut.  Finally, the wall directly behind the desk was completely covered with horizontal boards of oiled walnut. 


Croft House is honored to have a hand in the gorgeous interior of the Derby Curtis Law Office.  With the help of the interior designers, we were able to build a one-of-a-kind reception desk. 

A Cleaner Couch - The Cure For Your Sofa Woes


Does a houseguest with food headed toward the living room make you bust out a slow motion “Nooooooooooooooooo”? 

Fear no more. Our Sierra Sofa actually makes your house cleaner. Here are four reasons why -  


Classic, Straightforward Design - 

The phrase "clean lines" gets thrown around a lot. From cars to website design, those two words get a variety of uses.  The presence of the word clean within the phrase is a frightening prospect to me.  Are people peddling messy lines? Soiled Lines? Barf. I'll take clean lines, please.


-Clean Lines, Mid-Century Shape

A quick google search for a definition of clean lines yields vague explanations of the meaning.  For me, it's hard to explain, but I know what it is when I see it.  At face value, as it relates to furniture, I would say it means simple, easily drawn dimensions void of elaborate details, curves, and textures.  These qualities would be considered clean because they are easily organized and understood by one's eye.  In choosing a sofa with clean lines you are effectively making your room appear cleaner by eliminating unnecessary details which add to visual clutter.

This is one major appeal of mid-century modern furniture. We have taken a mid-century shape and modernized it by increasing the depth of the seat, ultimately making a super comfy sofa with clean, modern lines. 

- Deeper Seat for Comfort


Wood Detailed Frame - 

The wood detail on our Sierra Sofa offers a few benefits apart from looking elegant.  Chances are you have a few pieces of wooden furniture in your home, probably even in the same room as your sofa.  By choosing a wood that matches or compliments these pieces, you will help tie the room together by creating a repeating material, texture, or color. 

This cohesion is going to make your room look much cleaner without ever picking up a broom.


-Notice the Walnut Cabinet Against the Wall?

The arm of a standard sofa usually wears out quicker than the rest of the piece, causing it to look old and gross much sooner than other parts of the sofa. Trust me, that this can be a heartbreaking experience. 

This issue arises because the fabric is tightly stretched in opposing directions over the wooden frame, which puts more tension on the fabric here than in other areas.  This causes the material to breakdown more rapidly (think of the toe portion of a sock.)  By covering this area with a beautiful wood (like walnut!) you completely eliminate the problem.


-Walnut Arm Trim Keeps Edges Clean

High Tech Tweed Fabric - 

Tweed carries with it a subtle refinement. Its place is well established in modern furniture as well. But, one of the best features of tweed is its ability to naturally thwart dirt and stains. The material achieves this wonder by combining multicolored threads of wool in a twilled pattern.

It was originally used for hunting and fishing garments in cold and wet Scotland, so you can imagine why this was an important aspect of the design. 

Take the intrinsic dirt and stain fighting ability and combine it with high tech upholstery yarns and what you get is one durable sofa. It always looks clean if it never gets dirty in the first place!

Cushion Construction - 

Lets dive a little deeper, specifically into the cushions. While some people prefer down filled sofa cushions(I include myself in this camp, and any of our sofas can be ordered with down as a standard option), everyone can agree that they can become messy if not fluffed properly. 

This is why we gave our Sierra Sofa a wedge shaped, solid foam back cushion. It never need to be fluffed, and thus is always looking neat!


I hate it when one seat cushion slides further out than the other.  I'm sure you do too.

Well, we discovered, this can’t happen if the sofa has only one long cushion!  To make upkeep even easier, we seamed the fabric in an organized pattern to eliminate the wrinkles that occur after you have been relaxing in the sofa for a long time. 

A sofa that never needs to be fluffed, flipped, or f****d with is going to shave valuable seconds off of the fire drill that is cleaning a messy home when you find guests are unexpectedly dropping by!

Okay, so this sofa might not actually physically clean your place  - but I promise you, take these ideas into consideration and you will see just how our Sierra Sofa can result in a cleaner home.