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Gant Rugger

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Massive Product Display Table
+10' x 4' table handmade with reclaimed oak.
+Matching benches for tiered product display.
+Matte poly finish to seal the rough wood surface and prevent snagging.
+Industrial steel hairpin legs.
+Patchwork strip look.

Custom Hightop Stools

+Designed by the Client, executed by Croft House.

+Real leather top, round.
+Industrial steel hairpin legs, to match the table.

Cabinet Doors and Slider
+Croft went on location to measure the installed cabinetry and custom create a set of sliding doors.
+Worked around an uneven space to find a suitable solution.
+Industrial steel sliders.
+Patchwork strip design, to match the table.
Matte poly finish to seal the rough wood surface.