A Closer Look At The Bronson Dresser

Even the seemingly mundane parts of our household can actually be modern, stylish, and interesting. Introducing the Bronson Dresser:

There is quite a bit going on under the hood when it comes to this lovely piece. Like every one of our other products, we custom-make this dresser in Los Angeles. We work with every client to guarantee they're getting exactly the piece they want. Before even beginning work on the dresser, we'll send you sketches and hammer out every single detail. We take "custom-made" pretty seriously.

Once the process actually begins, however, it begins with an industrial steel casing. This gives what may initially look like a flimsy dresser some real solidity and staying power. The perceived "softness" comes from the leather-coated drawers. We ourselves cut, sew, and adhere the leather to the faces of the drawers. This gives a soft surface to offset the steel frame of the dresser.

On top of the leather, we fit the drawers with steel handles to match the frame itself, blending everything together. State of the art soft-closes as well, to keep your dresser in good shape!

Speaking of "good shape" it's important to know about the care and maintenance of your custom-made dresser. Protection from heat and moisture is key for any of our products. Especially the two in combination! Avoid sliding anything across the top of your dresser and use a coaster (or placemat! I don't know where you eat) whenever possible. For any type of dusting, make sure to use a feather duster or a microfiber cloth to avoid tiny scratches on the material. A damp rag may be necessary, and if so, wipe the surface dry promptly.

We love making furniture for our customers and so very many of them leave completely satisfied with our work. The combination of our quality materials, attention to detail, and dedication to our customer's needs takes our products to absolutely the next level. Give Croft House a shot and who knows what may strike your fancy.

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