Facaro - The Connect Series

One of our very favorite designers has updated her website!  Facaro.com, run by the lovely Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, has re-launched to show off the beautiful Connect series. 

Much like Croft House, Caro takes something old and gives it dazzling new life.  Unlike Croft, her medium moves off of the floor and on to the ceiling.  Using salvaged bicycle parts, Caro creates beautiful, draping chain chandeliers like this –



If you haven’t taken the time to peak at what Caro is doing, we highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.  We’re not the only ones that feel that way.  The popular (and awesome) marketplace website, Etsy, thought Caro’s work was important enough to do a feature on her pieces and process as part of their video series.

As you can imagine, the process for these pieces is as elaborate as each tier.  Caro scavenges junkyards and bike shops all throughout the Los Angeles area searching for the right components for each one of her works.  A tedious process matched only by sizing and suspending each arch, tier by tier.

All of Caro’s hard work pays off, as every piece seems more beautiful than the preceding.  An artful collaboration of luxury and industry reinforcing the idea that, as Caro has said, “you can make beautiful things out of unlikely materials.”  We couldn’t agree with you more, Caro.


Email info@crofthouse.com or Caro directly at caro@facaro.com for more info.

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Just saw UR segment on KTLA News w/Gail Anderson this am. Absolutely electrifyingly, extraordinary pieces of genuine craftsmanship!! What a “fantabulous” idea☆☆☆☆☆
Should I be so lucky as to have a large enough residence to show case such a unique conversation piece, I will definitely be in contact.
Many blessings on UR forthcoming efforts♡♡♡


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