New Design - The Rivera Sofa

It's a new month and a new season! The holidays are around the corner and relatives are coming along with them. It's time to start getting your home ready for all those loved ones. What better way to do it than a handsome new Croft House sofa design?
Introducing the Rivera Sofa. Inspired by a combination of mid-century aesthetics and our, the Rivera Sofa is a sleek representation of modern and classical design. 
The frame and overall footprint of the sofa are inspired by our Bronson Sofa.  It possesses the same low, deep seat that has been so popular with our customers. It allows you to relax and sit comfortably - a natural "lounge" feel. Unlike the Bronson Sofa, the Rivera Sofa has a down fill in its seats, helping you to sink that much further in!
We added a walnut base to go along with the leather and steel details. All of the elements combine beautifully, while simultaneously providing the design elements to allow the piece to acclimate to almost any space.
Check it out on our website Here or in person this weekend at 326 N. La Brea Ave.!

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