Custom Design - A Mossam Style Desk

At Croft House we love to make simple adjustments to our standard pieces in order to help our clients. Since we make each piece to order in downtown Los Angeles we're afforded the luxury of customizing any piece to fit our clients' specific needs and space. 

One such opportunity came up last month when a customer came in to the showroom on La Brea looking to build a desk.  They had been searching for quite a while, but couldn't find a desk that fit their specific dimensions. Knowing this to be an easy problem for us to solve, we started to work together to address their other needs. 

Instead of limiting themselves to the desks we had to offer, the couple opened their search up to our dining tables, knowing that they could convert any piece in to the desk they wanted.  They love the design of our Mossam Dining Table, but knew the uneven surface created by the thin, rough strips would not be conducive to the workspace. We addressed this problem by offering to plane the strips, similar to our Arden Collection. This brightened the tone of the table, while maintaining its varied appearance. Most importantly it gave our clients a perfectly smooth surface.

Since the customization had already started, we decided to take some liberties and alter the legs a little. Since there was no need to stick anyone on the end of the desk, like would be necessitated by a Dining Table, we had a lot of flexibility. We decided to remain true-ish to the original design, and convert the Mossam Bench Legs in to desk legs. Everyone loved it!

We're so excited to have used these simple customizations to create the perfect piece for our client. We're also pretty excited to be able to offer it to anyone else who comes looking for a desk! Email us at or call at 323.424.7743 for more info!



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