Leaning Mirrors - A Relaxed Modern Look

Architectural Lines -

A mirror can change a room unlike any other piece of furniture.  We have always been very proud of our line up of leaning mirrors and the way that they add a relaxed modern feel to a room.

 The scale of our mirrors is their most unique feature in my opinion.  The sheer size of our large leaning mirrors set them apart from others you will find in Los Angeles.  

I love the way we use slightly oversized mirrors with sleek minimal frames, its a very architectural look inspired by the large picture windows you find featured in some of California's most beautiful structures.

Here below are some examples of where these originated from - 

Above: Eames Home, Los Angeles California / Chambers Mirror

Above: Black and White Kitchen, Santa Barbara / Round Chambers Mirror

Above: Carmel, California / Rivera Mirror

Classic California Modern Shape  

Recently we added a large round hanging mirror to our collection - a very modern steel frame mirror simply named the Round Chambers Mirror.  It has a very timeless vibe to it, and I find the seamless circular steel frame to be very relaxing to just be around. I could not be happier with it. 

Above and Below: Round Chambers Mirror - $950

A large leaning mirror from Croft House is one of the easiest ways to add a dramatic architectural vibe to any space.  We keep our most popular mirrors in stock in our showroom, and are happy to design you a custom mirror as well.