Mid-Century Me: A Custom Midcentury Piece

It finally happened. I invested in my first Croft House piece of furniture! My boyfriend and I had been on the hunt for a piece that worked for both of us, a vintage mid-century modern cabinet for months. A lot of the pieces I came across had some wear and tear which I typically don't mind, but I really wanted this piece to be the focal point of my living area. Knowing the quality product our workshop produces, I decided I would have it built by our wonderful team in DTLA.

While working at Croft House it is always exciting to see custom pieces come to life from my sketches. Being on the opposite end of this process(the customer) was even more thrilling. I now know the anticipation our customers feel when they are waiting for their one of a kind design.

While Croft House style is a little bit of modem mixed with a dash of industrial it goes to show that we can build anything as long as it is within the materials we use. Inspired by our Rivera Credenza I designed my media cabinet and added some open shelving on the side for my electrical components. Adding the tapered legs is what gave this modern piece its mid century edge.

Getting my new piece of furniture was both a blessing and a curse. I now have an amazing media cabinet that my friends have complimented on (and in turn want to have their own made) but now, I cant stop! My bedroom furniture needs an upgrade, and the guest bedroom too…Maybe my cat needs a new platform bed? Opportunities are endless when you're designing your own piece of furniture.

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