Make a Statement: Custom Bookcases

We all have that one piece in our home that stands out from the rest of our furniture. That conversation piece your friends and family point out as soon as they walk in. I find that most of our customers who are looking for a custom piece are aiming towards that appeal.

When I visit someone's home I immediately gravitate towards the bookcase to see what literature they are interested in. Call me nosey, but you can tell a lot about a person by what they read. Anyone and everyone has a bookcase in their home, and recently we have made a couple of bookcases that have stolen the show. 

We introduced our Chambers Bookcase a couple months ago and it immediately sparked ideas. We designed a custom tiered bookcase based off of the design and left out the standard leather shelving to leave only the oak and smoked glass shelves remaining. This was the perfect display piece for our customer's entryway. 

Our Railcar Bookcase is one of our classics. Its sleek and simple design can blend into any home. We had a couple that needed a unit to place their electronics in, while simultaneously hiding unsightly cords and wires. We used our Railcar Bookcase as a reference and incorporated the industrial steel back from our Bronson Bookcase to hide the electronic cords. This piece is not only functional, but beautiful to look at. 

 Check out our other bookcases and let us know how we can make one into the perfect statement piece for you!

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