The Way We Custom Work

It's no secret that Croft House loves custom projects. In fact, we have a whole page on our site devoted to the way it works(if you haven't seen it click here!) Since our inception in a garage on Croft Avenue in 2009, we've considered patronage for custom work a crucial part of our creative process. Whether it's an opportunity to try something new, a slight adjustment to one of our classic pieces, or a completely novel idea to our team, we're always eager to meet the task. 

We firmly believe that our clients shouldn't have to settle for a piece that almost works, and since we build everything in Downtown Los Angeles, we're afforded the luxury of making even the smallest adjustments to a piece if necessary. We happily modify the dimensions, materials, finish, and even functions of our standard pieces in order to get them just right. 

For example, a custom Rivera Credenza we completed this past Spring. Our client needed open shelving AND closed storage for their piece. So we simply adjusted the piece by making it a little taller and adding some open cubbies on the top. A perfect solution for our client and a great option for us to share with anyone else who may have similar needs!

We also relish the opportunity to bring a new design to life that aligns with our client's needs. Nothing is better than when a design we've been waiting to create meets with exactly what a client is looking for. Such was the case with the Arden Bed. Our client had a rough vision for what they wanted in a bed frame, and we happened to have that vision clarified, sketched and waiting. As soon as we showed them the sketch they pounced, and sure enough the piece was perfect for their space. A few slight adjustments later and now it's a staple of our line.

Nothing is quite as fun as when a potential client or interior designer comes to us with a piece they've imagined hope we can complete.  We take on these challenges and eagerly determine functional solutions for the piece, without sacrificing the design at hand.   Earlier this year, one of our favorite LA designers came to us with the dream of a piece inspired loosely by our Carrara marble coffee table. They wanted the piece round, with a thin, elegant(yet rustic) base that would surround the piece. Our designers took to the idea and compiled a few options that would produce the desired result. The designer was thrilled and we loved the piece so much we snapped a few pics for our custom gallery. 

And then, of course, there are those moments when who knows what to do with that space? It's us. We know what to do. In those exasperating moments when you're unable to find anything that is right at all, we'll help to formulate your needs and ideas into the piece that fits. This happened just a few weeks ago while trying to come up with a storage solution. Nothing out there was right, including our own media cabinets but with some back and forth between our client and team member we we're able to design the perfect combination of aesthetic and function. 

There's no customization too big or too small for us. The only question is how can we help you? Email us at with any requests or ideas, and we'll happily start the design process with you. Again, why settle for something that is almost right when we can build you exactly what you want and need? Can't wait to work with you soon!

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