Custom Reclaimed Wood Speaker Design

Custom Reclaimed Pine Media Cabinet with Built-in 2.1 HiFi Speaker System complete with TEAK Vinyl Turntable and Sonos Wireless Controller.


**LIMITED EDITION** Reclaimed Pine Media Cabinet with 2.1 HiFi Speaker System and Sonos Controller. Available in-store now!


I just couldn't bring myself to buy one.  Those cheap, plastic excuses for speakers. How sterile and uninspired, I thought.  Knowing my way around audio equipment I knew I was capable of something so much more fitting for the music that accompanies our lives, something must be done...

My first job out of high school was working for a composer in the process of moving into a new high tech studio.  I was tasked with the job of sorting through 20 years of old bundled cables and equipment, testing them, and then determining whether or not they were still useful.  Essentially this meant hours alone in a dark room untangling knots.  But I loved the job, because after my shift I was allowed to stay as late as I liked watching the composer write and record music in the studio.  In the control room, front and center above the giant mixing boards was a set of awesome wood studio monitors (speakers).  I remember being so surprised at their modest size - I was sure recording studios must use much larger and more elaborate set ups than this!  Since those days I have been fortunate to visit many more recording studios and found similar pairs in every single one.

Back to the problem at hand....  I needed an audio solution for a media cabinet I was building to house a record player and a modest Vinyl collection.  Thinking back to those monitor speakers I decided that the only option was to build a complete set of speakers right into the cabinet.  After some research I found the perfect HiFi speakers for the build and picked out an 8" subwoofer(that I would end up hiding in the bottom of the cabinet).  I settled on a Sonos WiFi controller for super simple playback when the record player was not being used.

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An unexpected color ensemble!


For this custom piece, I wanted to try a new idea for the casing and after a few days of experimenting, I was able to come up with a totally unexpected and lovely new color ensemble for our reclaimed pine.  A touch of walnut, leather, and brass and the piece was done.  One of my absolute favorites to date.

We loved the piece so much that we decided to make a limited edition media cabinet with the same sound system in it for the Showroom on La Brea.  This piece is available for immediate purchase off of the floor!  Come on in and check it out - you will love the sound it puts out, and how simple it is to use!

2.1 Hifi Stereo System, The Subwoofer is hidden underneath the cabinet!  Check out those handmade grill tabs!



Available for Purchase Today!

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