Carrara Marble Furniture: The Granada Collection

The idea of incorporating marble into our furniture happened organically. We stumbled upon a gorgeous piece of round marble and decided to create a modern steel base for it. The end result was a classic and versatile side table suitable for any style home.


Introducing a new material into our furniture was a risk, but the response we received from our customers reaffirmed that the mix of sophisticated marble and edginess of industrial steel was a design score. The positive feedback was enough to convince us that we needed to bring a coffee table version into our showroom.

Since we introduced our Granada Collection, designers and customers alike have incorporated this style into custom pieces. Apart from the Coffee Table shown above, we currently have a round honed Carrara marble coffee table based off of our Granada Side Table in the works with a custom flat steel base. Creating custom furniture based on our existing designs is simple. The process begins with an idea, translates into a sketch, then travels to our workshop in Downtown LA where the furniture is constructed.

The Granada Collection will be growing so check in for new pieces coming soon! 

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