Parota Live Edge Slabs: Why We Love Them

One of our favorite Croft House pieces is the Parota Live Edge Table.  A solid piece of wood with beautiful natural edges is impossible to replicate.

We aim to create a contrast by taking the organic shape of the slab and displaying it on top of our angular, modern legs.  The natural wood and steel combination is a Croft House staple, but in spite of this the table top is still a departure from Croft House’s reclaimed background.

At Croft we pride ourselves on using the best materials we can get our hands on, often old growth timbers salvaged from US architecture. In the case of Live Edge slabs we are especially selective, so as to be certain that our material comes to us in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

Though we have long worked with other Live Edge Species, our slab of choice, Parota. Though Parota slabs are not taken from fallen trees, the species is incredibly common throughout parts of North and Central America. This grants us access without having to import exotic slabs from all over the world. In fact, our own supplier works locally here in Southern California.

On top of that, the tree grows very quickly. So, not only will it produce a useable slab quickly, but the species is able to replenish in numbers at a sustainable rate. This has resulted in Parota becoming a very popular, and widely accepted, species for furniture use.

Lastly, the sheer size of the tree itself is a characteristic of sustainability. The trunk can reach upwards of nine feet in diameter, and the branches can grow as thick as five feet in diameter. 

Sustainability isn’t the only aspect of the species that has drawn our favor though.  Not only is Parota a hardwood, but it’s also incredibly light relative to its strength. Not a detail to be overlooked when it comes to table tops!

The material offers a rare consistency in colors as well.  Unlike many slabs, and most of the salvaged lumber that Croft House uses, Parota has minimal variation in the color of both the heartwood and the sap wood. This helps to prevent surprises in tone.

If the reasoning above isn’t enough, then consider this; Croft House has access to Parota slabs that are upwards of 4’ wide. No book matching needed to have the big beautiful table that you’ve always dreamed of.

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